OSHA. HIPAA. Billing and Coding. The issue is Compliance.
It’s impossible to follow the rules when you don’t know what they are.

Through his popular speaking programs, Rick Garofolo, II shares his 20+ years’ experience in the management, marketing and growth of dental practices, including OSHA and HIPAA compliance, program creation and staff training.



“In the first hour of Rick’s Billing and Coding course I saved ten times what the course cost to take. This was a fantastic course that even a dentist in practice for 38 years can learn from!”

—Dr. R.T. Bayley, DDS

“Rick Garofolo’s OSHA course was presented on a level much higher than expected. Because Rick has been trained in the same courses as the OSHA inspectors, he gave the subject the prospective of an OSHA agent.” 

—Eddie S. Longman, DDS

Rick Garofolo Dental Speaking Presentations and Courses